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These are some of the books I have edited, but the list is in no way complete for many reasons. Some clients wish not to have their works listed; some books are not published, and some may have slipped my mind. I have also edited many business documents that do not appear here.

My editing portfolio

For author Ray Flynt:

Line editing for Cold Oath (Suspense)

                            Embalmed (Mystery)

                            Final Juror (Mystery)

For author M. Joseph Murphy:

Line editing for Are You Watching Me? (Paranormal Mystery)

                            Terra Incognita (YA Fantasy)

                            Demons of Dundegore (YA Fantasy)

                            Beyond the Black Sea (YA Fantasy)

                            A Fallen Hero Rises (YA Fantasy)

                            Council of Peacocks (YA Fantasy)

For author Assaph Mehr:

Line editing for Murder in Absentia (Fantasy/Mystery)

For author Dom Maggiore:

Line editing for The Dungeons of Dogwood (Children's Mystery)

                            The Cursed Mummy Case (Children's Mystery)

                            The Graveyard Shift (Children's Mystery)

                            The Skeleton Crew (Children's Mystery)

                            Escape from Relic Island (Children's Mystery)

For author Thomas John:

Line editing for The Healing of Reverend James (Inspirational)

For author Diane Lehnig:

Line editing for A Shadow of Herself (Biography)

For author DF Carl:

Proofreading for Iconic Pattern Recognition (Self-help)

For publisher Kathy Bizzoco:

Line editing for My Life with BPD (Autobiography)

                           Mom's Gone ... and I'm in Foster Care (Children's )

                           The 143rd in Iraq (True War)

Mary Jeddore Blakney