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Mary Jeddore Blakney

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​STAR TREK: QUICKSILVER                feature film screenplay

An excerpt:

​​​THE THIRTEENTH SNARE               13 stories of mystery, suspense and adventure

An excerpt:

"Andy Taikman was on the way to his death, and he couldn’t have picked a better day for it, either. Sunshine brought out the brilliant yellow of the forsythias in the highway’s median, and even the pavement looked fresh and clean after last night’s rain.

"He opened the limo’s sunroof and let the wind play with his hair. An occasional white cottony puff adorned the endless blue expanse above. In less than an hour, Andy would be sitting on one of them playing a golden harp, or whatever it was that people did when they were dead. He’d find out soon.

"The wind was getting cold, so he closed the sunroof, leaving just the moonroof open, and turned to his companion in the next seat.

"It was a wooden box, twelve inches high, twelve wide and twelve deep, painted black with two hinged strips of aluminum folded over the top. The strips were antennae, but he’d always thought they looked more like antlers. Now, as he unfolded them to point away from him, toward the cars falling behind them in the slow lane, they looked like the mandibles of a soldier ant. He unfastened a small spring hook and folded back the cover from a four-inch touchscreen, then flicked the rocker switch just below it to power the unit up. The box was the reason he would die today."

My writing

CRACKING CARDASSIAN               a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine story

An excerpt:

"'I think our commander would like you,' said the first guy, walking on the other side of me. Men and women scattered before us. 

"He likes Bajorans," said the second guy.

"He may like a lost human, if she's lost."

"Federation people don't just get lost in Bajoran orbit," the second guy countered. "She's a spy."

"Even the Federation makes some attempt to hide their spies. If she were a spy, she'd be a registered guest with a mouthful of excuses. What's your plan, to throw her out an airlock?"
"It's an efficient solution."