When an accident at a quantum physics lab transports Piper Craven to the planet Chuze, the Chuzekks call her an animal and put her in a cage. Earth is already on the roster for exploration, but since there's no evidence of intelligent life there, nobody's in a hurry ... ... nobody but Zuke Gevv, that is. Zuke grabs his first chance to start mapping the pretty blue planet and even stops in at an isolated house for soup with a Human. But his unauthorized contact leads to war when the first Chuzekk disease breaks out on Earth. Free-spirited translator Jade Massilon, imprisoned not for spying but just for being capable of it, catches the eye of a Chuzekk officer named Gyze Quejj. But mothership commander Chegg Jaigg gets in the way because he has secrets of his own to keep. And through it all, a shadowy presence lurks in the background: an elusive figure known only as Fletcher. Where Empires Fear to Tread (formerly Damage Control) is the introductory book to the Fletcher Variable series. The book also contains a bonus story by Luke Bellmason.

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An inventor rides a limousine to his death .... A jealous teen faces the same horror she wished on her rival .... The lights go out while a couple searches for their small child .... A tourist is abducted by pirates ....

This book contains thirteen stories of mystery, suspense and adventure, including three new releases you've never seen before.

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Mary Jeddore Blakney