Mary Jeddore Blakney

[Jae] is able to untangle phrases and sentences that three editors before her could not.  She's amazing.

Kathy Bizzoco, publisher

I've used Mary Jeddore Blakney to either proofread or beta read each of my books ... except one. The last time I published, she was not available so I published without her. It didn't take long before I realized my mistake. The final product was filled with several small errors that the other professional editors and proofreaders I hired missed. I will never publish another book without having Mary Jeddore Blakney go through it. She is easily the most thorough in the business and incredibly easy to work with.

M. Joseph Murphy, fiction author

I was pleased to use her line editing services on my latest Brad Frame mystery novel. I found her to be thorough, affordable, and prompt. Most importantly, I would use her services again.

Ray Flynt, fiction author

Rather than offering a pre-designed editing package as some others have, Jae was able to do exactly what I needed.  She quickly and efficiently provided the services and support I needed to publish a coherent, error-free ebook.

DF Carl, non-fiction author

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