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Mary Jeddore Blakney


Short Stories

"Mary is able to untangle phrases and sentences that three editors before her could not. She's amazing."

"...I'm not publishing a thing without you proofing it."

Kathy Bizzoco

Owner, Green Frog Publishing

"I will never publish another book without having Mary Jeddore Blakney go through it. She is easily the most thorough in the business and incredibly easy to work with. On top of that, she is also one of the least expensive."

M Joseph Murphy

Author, Council of Peacocks

Beyond the Black Sea

A Fallen Hero Rises

Demons of Dundegore

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A typical book should go through at least three different types of editing, and they should be done by at least three different people:

  • Content editing to help you organize your story in the most interesting and understandable way and catch any passages or plot elements that are confusing, redundant or boring
  • Line editing to polish the grammar, spelling, punctuation and so forth
  • Proofreading to catch the errors that got by the line editor, because after a while the line editor becomes too familiar with the text